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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 5, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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that's it for us here on "new day." time for "cnn newsroom" with brianna keilar. when does it begin? >> right now. >> see you tomorrow morning. thanks so much. "newsroom" starts right now. high alert. 19 american embassies and consulates shut down. is an attack imminent? speed ball. a-rod and word of a major 214-game suspension. all eyes on the yankee slugger as he's set to play in tonight's game in chicago. will he take the field? and beach doeoardwalk trage. a car plowing into a crowded boardwalk killing one and sending 11 to the hospital. what police know about the suspect. plus, this -- >> it's a tool for the heart.
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that's limitless. >> i'd like to intraadduce you to the ipod. >> a blockbuster new movie cnn going one-on-one with the star and the surprise history of the apple genius. "newsroom" starts right now. good morning, everyone. i'm brianna keilar in for carol costello. major league baseball is expexed to bring down the hammer on alex rodriguez today. the yankees' third baseman tops the list in both stature and in punishment. among players the league will suspend for their involvement in the biogenesis scandal. a-rod's suspension will be for at least a whopping 214 games. but a-rod still plans to play for the new york yankees today in what would be his first game of the season. cnn's rachel nichols joining us now from new york. rachel, how is a-rod going to
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play tonight if he's suspended? i know a lot of people are wondering that. how does this work? >> only in the crazy circus that is the major league baseball drug investigation world right now. he is actually entitled to play, if he appeals the suspension and this is where things get a little bit complicated. this is if baseball suspends him under the drug agreement that they have with the players' union. he is entitled to an appeal and he is entitled to play during that appeals process. so, what would the other situation be? well, commissioner bud selig is allowed to use something called the special powers of the commissioner. a rare thing, but he is allowed to say that he is suspending rodriguez, "in the best interest of baseball." and if he decides to take that unusual step, then rodriguez can't play during the appeal. he would not be allowed to show up on the field tonight in chicago for the yankees. now, reports are that he's not going to go so far and do that,
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but it is possible and it is what we are waiting for as it ticks down to when the suspensions are expected to be announced around noon today. >> so, major league baseball has some discretion here and it's really just that hanging question of how they use it. but it's interesting, rachel, you know, we talk so much about a-rod. but what is lost in some of this is the other players. so many more that we're talking about. what else are we going to see besides this penalty to rodriguez? >> this could be the largest performance enhancing drug scandal in u.s. history. possibly another dozen players suspended today. the big question when it comes to stars like the texas rangers nelson cruz. when it comes to the detroit tigers, jhonny peralta. are they going to accept that suspension and take it now and if a guy like nelson cruz does that, then he would be able to rejoin his team by the time the playoff starts. the trick there, is the team going to make the playoffs
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without one of its big stars. if he decides, instead, to fight the suspension and as we said, these guys can play during their appeal, he can help his team during that time, but depending on how the timing works out with that appeal, hey, maybe that suspension kicks in instead right during the postseason. we have to wait and see how these guys decide to handle it. we know how a-rod is going to handle it. he said he will fight everything tooth and nail. >> so interesting to see how this affects the race for the pen pe p peninate. i know you have a question for my next guest here. how did major league baseball and a-rod get to this point? let's go back to january when the "miami news times" broke the story. cnn's john zarrella covered it. >> reporter: called biogenesis and run out of this office building in coral gables, florida. now the vacant business is in the center of another saga of
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performance enhancing drugs peds and major league baseball players. a report published in "miami new times" says this clinic was a pipeline for several players. >> it's clear that biogenesis like a lot of anti-aging clinics was selling an awful lot and a number of other drugs banned in sports, testosterone, anabolic steroids. you know, the records that we've seen indicate that as for the average population, he was providing the same kind of drugs to professional athletes. >> reporter: and they're banned substances? >> that's correct. >> reporter: the man that john interviewed tim elfrink joining us now on the phone and, tim, rachel nichols will pop a question to you, as well. did you foresee this fallout for baseball and a-rod when your paper first got hold of the biogenesis story? >> well, thanks for having me on. you know, we knew when we published this story first in
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january that it could be a pretty amazing story. i don't think anyone quite anticipated the full impact it would end up having. you know, we knew from the records we saw and the investigation we did into tony bosh and his background that these records were what they looked like and he had these links to a number of players. it is an incredible fallout and we'll see the full extent of it today at noon today when baseball announces its suspensions. >> you pulled the thread and the whole thing unraveled. your newspaper profiled the man seen as the whistleblower in this scandal. porter fisher, a name that more people are becoming familiar with. his story seems like something out of a hollywood movie. tell us about him. >> yeah, porter is a classic whistleblower. he was originally a customer at this clinic called biooogenesis
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and ended up becoming an investor and brought on as the marketing manager and, basically, got upset when he wasn't paid his money back. he felt that the owner of the clinic was dishonest and he took a number of records from the clinic and ended up share iing m with us. his intent was not to show the athletes involved but what was going on at this clinic. porter took a lot of risk to do that. he stuck his neck out and i think he deserved a lot of credit for being the guy that blew the whistle on this clinic. >> all came down to his beef with bosch. rachel nichols, what do you want to ask tim? >> tim, first of all, congratulations. you have done a great job on this. since this came out we heard further allegations that bosch's clinic was selling but to minors
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and high school students. i wonder in the conversations you've had and the record you've seen, how evident is that and what do you think the next step is there with the federal government possibly getting involved? >> it's a great question. you know, that side of the story is really evolving right now. the "miami herald" and a number of other folks reported a pair of assistant u.s. attorneys here in miami have started reviewing whether the case be made that tony bosch also selling drugs to high school athletes and to minors in miami-dade, which, obviously, would potentially have serious charges against him. i think we have to wait and see what kind of evidence there is on that. i know porter has said that he has evidence of that. also the larger question here, we're all focused on what major league baseball is going to do today in terms of these athletes and these suspensions but i think there is a larger question
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remaining. what kind of repercussions tony bosch can see down the line in running this clinic. >> this could be the beginning. we remember barry bonds testifying and we remember if this is going to be a 2.0. tim elfrink and cnn's rachel nichols, thanks so much to both of you. now, the latest on the closures of the u.s. diplomatic posts in the middle east and africa over that threat from al qaeda. the unprecedented shut down has been extended at 15 embassies and consulates for the rest of this week. and four new locations in africa have been added to the list. one area in particular, of particular concern is yemen. this is where the u.s. is on high alert. yesterday a yemenis soldier could be seen manning a checkpoint leading up to the u.s. embassy and joining me now to talk about the shutdown is phil mudd. senior research fellow at new america foundation and also worked for the cia and the fbi.
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thanks for being with us, phil. >> good morning. >> so, i'm wondering. the u.s. is saying there is no new threat. we've passed sunday, which was the night of power. what some observers have said would be an aspisuspicious day carry out an attack. is this just an abundance of caution? >> i think it's an abundance of caution. remember we're still in the wake of benghazi where people criticize the government for not doing enough and also probably an indicator of the credibility of the source of the information. when i was looking for a decade at the threat matrix, the matrix of threats coming to the u.s. government at the fbi and cia. on a rare occasion you get information credible enough in terms of the sourcing that you would want to warn the american people and i'm sure that's what's happening in this case. >> the "new york times" is describing it as a strange wait and see climate describing a
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threat that is specific and maddingly vague. that's what a lot of us covering it feel about it. what are americans to make of it? it is so -- >> if the fbi or the agency, you're between a rock and a hard place. you're out there warning people knowing that the warning is so vague, i need more information to take action. that said, if you don't warn them and something happens, what you say, you had information and you didn't tell us. when you have vague information from a credible source, you have to make a call. we better tell people even though they're frustrated with how vague it is. >> give us a little insight from your time at the cia and fbi. since the terror group knows the u.s. is on to them. is it possible that the entire situation is averted or might they just lay throw, change the way they communicate and carry out their plans later? >> there's a difference between plots and plotters. you can delay a plot.
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for example, al qaeda operatives in yemen saying, hey, they're on to us, lay low for a while. unless you stop the plotters and unless you stop the plotters, they are going to return to the plot. once they've made a commitment to the murder of innocence, they will not stop unless they, themselves, are stopped. if this plot is averted for a while, it will return at some point if the operatives are still on the battlefield. >> we wonder if this is going to continue, as well. phil, thanks for your insight, we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. witnesses say he looked like he wanted to create mayhem. 38-year-old nathan campbell is locked up this morning charged with murder after driving down the crowded venice beach boardwalk on saturday. the woman that he killed a 32-year-old from italy. her husband told police they were on their honeymoon. paul is with us from los angeles. terrible story, paul. just heartbreaking that someone may have done this on purpose. what do we know about the suspect? >> well, brianna, the suspect is
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right now in downtown jail here in los angeles on $1 million bond. and, briana, you're from southern california, think about the timing. a summer saturday on the venice boardwalk when it is absolutely jammed with both tourists and locals taking that sun down stroll. surveillance video taken from a nearby restaurant shows the suspect's car plowing into people on the crowded venice boardwalk and swerving around barriers. >> he just drove and took that left turn down the center of the boardwalk. and just started driving and bodies were scattering and flying in the air and people were screaming and it was absolute mayhem hp. >> reporter: a second camera angle shows the driver getting out of his car, apparently casing the popular boardwalk. he gets back into the sedan and floors it. >> he had to have pressed his foot to the gas pedal. his pedal to the metal because the tires started screeching and i saw him and he was looking for
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blood. that guy was, that guy's intention was to kill people. >> reporter: an italian tourist on her honeymoon was killed and 11 others injured in a scene a quarter mile long. the suspect is 38-year-old nathan campbell of los angeles. just two hours after this horrifying hit and run, campbell surrendered to police in neighboring santa monica. authorities say he told them, "i think you're looking for me." the woman killed is alice gruppioni, 32 years old from italy. the italian connellt says they were married july 20th and that the new groom was by her side at the time of the accident and tried to pull his wife away from the speeding car. if there is a motive in the carnage, police aren't saying right now. but they did say that campbell was bent on evil. a little more on the victims.
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they were said to be wrapping up the los angeles leg of their hon honeymoon and next headed towards tahiti. >> such a beautiful woman, so full of life and a pivotal part of her life. terrible. paul, thank you for that. for gadget lovers and for apple, you can still buy the iphone 4 and the ipad 2. these and other older apple products were going to be banned because of a patent dispute between samsung and apple but in a rare last-minute move the obama administration overturned this decision. alison kosik is live in new york with the latest on this. alison, this applies to products that are on the at&t network, right? >> exactly. the at&t network. what is interesting in this whole story is that the unlikely savior in this was u.s. trade representative ambassador michael froman and came one day before the ban would have gone into effect. the u.s. trade representative says the technology at issue is
6:16 am
used so much that banning it would be a big disruption to the economy. so, now it means the older iphones and ipads will stay on sho store shelves. these older iphones and other gadgets, they've been selling really well because they're cheaper. samsung, of course, coming out and saying it was disappointed by the decision. brianna? >> the other thing, alison, we don't really hear. this is extraordinary that the white house got involved here. i cover the white house and i don't remember this happening during the obama administration. how rare is this? >> that's a good question. it is very rare. you're right about that because the last time something like this happened was under ronald reagan and it's got really big implications here. the south korean government said today that it's concerned over what the negative impact is going to be. the negative effect it will have on the protection of patents we had on samsung. samsung shares fell 1% in trading. apple and samsung can still duke
6:17 am
it out in court. the two have court battles. maybe a win for apple today, but maybe not tomorrow. a win for samsung at some point. >> they won the battle, will they win the war? >> well put. >> we will continue to follow that and talk about how it affects all the real folks out there. alison kosik, thank you. now, still to come as the world waits to hear from edward snowden now a free man in russia. we're getting insights into the nsa leaker's life from his lawyer. a live report from moscow, next. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal.
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let's get you a check now of our top stories. john mccain and lindsey graham are expected to arrive in cairo later today to meet with egypt's interim leaders. the country embroiled in chaos since mohammed morsi was forced to step down during a coup last month. and california commuters don't need to worry about delays just yet. a strike by bay area rapid transit or b.a.r.t. workers was
6:21 am
called off sunday night after jerry brown stepped in and ordered an investigation into a contract dispute. union workers want higher pay and accuse management of refusing to negotiate on wage cuts. b.a.r.t. has denied that claim. the investigation is expected it last one week. and take a look at this, in this video posted to youtube, what is that you say? well, strong winds with some gusts between 40 and 50 miles per hour sent umbrella flying into the air sunday in coco beach, florida. according to the national weather service, actually, this is pretty terrible. a teenage boy was injured when he was hit by a beach canopy. looks pretty amazing, but also dangerous. indra petersons joining us live from new york. what happened here? >> another reason when they talk about thunderstorms why you want to stay out of the beach. not just the lightning, but what you have is that strong down draft and here we go, again, on the radar. talking about strong, straight line winds and right at the
6:22 am
front edge of that down draft and a gustnado. very strong winds and attached to that. that's what they saw yesterday. that could happen in any one of the strong thunderstorms that roll through florida or anywhere else. let's talk about some other crazy weather. speaking of crazy weather, almost seven inches of rain in hutchinson, kansas, yesterday morning. flooding potential very high and looks like more rain in the area today. thunderstorms where you picture that cloud that really stays above your house and doesn't go anywhere. that's what we're dealing with thunderstorm after thunderstorm throughout the day and i went forward in the forecast and looks like they're talking about flooding threat all the way throughout the week. that is something we're monitoring. montana down through kansas and the threat for, yes, isolated tornado and more likely large hail and damaging winds throughout the area. from those thunderstorms and, of course, in the southeast some more rain, as well. pretty impressive. any time you see that thunderstorm, brianna, we're watching out for any kind of severe weather. >> fine line between fascinating and dangerous, i think, when it comes to the severe weather.
6:23 am
indra petersons for us, thank you. >> sure. edward snowden has left the russian airport, he has a new place to stay and been offered a job. could he come out to speak? we saw him briefly leaving the airport after getting asylum for a year, but we haven't seen him publicly since. phil black is live in moscow. so, phil, when you spoke to snowden's lawyer last week, he said snowden would make a decision in the near future who he would speak to. has his lawyer said anything since? >> we've been in contact with his lawyer and, to be fair, he's being pretty tight lipped ever since snowden walked from that airport last week. he said back then that snowden intends to speak publicly and he stands by that. but, no, no timetable on when or where or any of these things. we know snowden spent his first weekend in russia as a political refugee, but we don't know where he is. whether he is in moscow, the sprawling capital of 10 million people or moved somewhere else to this vast con.
6:24 am
silver lining on the same tantalizing details that we learned the evening that he walked and apparently staying receiving help with american experts. he wants to adjust to his new home first and foremost and desperate to get his father over here as soon as possible, brianna. >> technically, phil, snowden is a free man, but certainly afraid. his lawyer has told you that he is concerned for his life and health because he thinks american intelligence is chasing him. might that impact whether or not we hear from him or even the sort of venue that we might hear from him in? >> indeed. you certainly think so, yes. like you say, technically a free man. another point is whether the russian government wants him to speak publicly. it's interesting to note that up to this point the russian government itself has not said a word publicly on this issue. if the government nor the president vladimir putin said anything when he walked from the airport waiting to see precisely what the united states reaction to this development is. and, in particular, whether the
6:25 am
u.s. is going to cancel that planned summit between presidents obama and putin here in moscow early next month. if that meeting is canceled, as the white house has suggested, it could be then that could be a very powerful signal indicating just how angry the united states is on this issue. how much russian and u.s. relations have deteriorated over the past 18 months. >> president obama said he didn't want to be wheeling and dealing over edward snowden. phil black from moscow, thank you. we're still waiting for the sentencing of bradley manning. the analyst who was found guilty last week of leaking classified documents to the website wikileaks. manning's father will be a guest on "anderson cooper 360" tonight. we'll be right back. ok, i am coming. [ susan ] i hate that the reason we're always stopping is because i have to go to the bathroom. and when we're sitting in traffic,
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happening now in "newsroom" decision day. dozens of suspensions, steroids and major league baseball in laser focus this morning. sun, sand, surf, now leave. hawaii unveiling a plan to ship the homeless off the island. plus, this -- >> what are you working on? >> computer terminal that hooks up to the tv. >> steve -- ashton kucher from "that's '70s show" cnn goes one-on-one with the hollywood star. "newsroom" starts now. good morning and welcome back to "newsroom."
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i'm brianna keilar in for carol costello. 19 embassies and consulates are closed for a week over major security concerns. these closures were prompted by several factors, including an al qaeda message intercepted by the u.s. that threatened attacks. adding to the concerns, ramadan ends this week and several prison breaks have occurred in the region. let's go now to wall street where the opening bell is about to ring. investors are hoping for a repeat of last week after stocks, once again, posted record highs. that's where we find the lovely alison kosik in new york with the very latest on this. hey, alison. >> good morning, brianna. stocks are opening lower, but the day is still young. these record highs could still be in the cards if the market turns around into the plus column. if you're keeping count, the dow has hit 30 record highs so far this year. the s&p 500 opened at 1700. hasn't been at that level ever.
6:31 am
even if you put today aside, quite an amazing year. the s&p 500 up almost 20% this year. it's almost august. history shows a 9% increase is what we normally see. companies are hiring and car sales are picking up and housing is looking good. but the economic growth here in this country is weak. unemployment is high and the jobs being added are low-wage. but the fed is backstopping the economy with $85 billion a month of stimulus that is pouring into the economy. so, as far as investors see it, they're all in. analysts expect the rally in the long term to continue. brianna? >> always just kind of feels like a mixed bag and feels like it's been that way for a long time, alison. >> it really has. that's why i was going to say so many people talk about the disconnect. these record highs almost weekly and then you look at the economic data. that's why we talk about that disconnect. >> do you feel it? a lot of people don't. alison kosik breaking it down for us there in new york. up next, major league
6:32 am
baseball is likely to suspend alex rodriguez today, but a-rod still says he's playing for the yankees tonight. how is that going to work? we'll talk about it. [ male announcer ] come to the golden opportunity sales event and experience the connectivity of the available lexus enform, including the es and rx. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection. ♪ a quarter million tweeters is beare tweeting. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online. that's why hp built a new kind of server. one that's 80% smaller. uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the room it needs to grow. this&is gonna be big. hp moonshot. it's time to build a better enterprise. together.
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baseball's highest paid player is about to receive one of the sports harshest punishments ever. major league baseball is expected to suspend alex rodriguez today and media reports say that the move could keep him out until the 2015 season. other major league players will also be suspended today, like a-rod for their connection with the now closed biogenesis clinic in south florida. and i'm joined now by brian costa, a sports reporter for "wall street journal." brian, thanks for being with us. as we talked about it, a-rod said i'm suiting up and going to play for the yankees tonight. but does he play and maybe people are wondering how can he do this if he's suspended?
6:36 am
>> well, major league baseball has an appeals process. so, once a player is suspended, he can appeal that suspension and play until that appeal is heard. so, alex rodriguez is planning to be in the lineup monday night in chicago where the yankees are playing and he is able to do so. >> and even though i know part of it, too, obviously, major league baseball has some discretion. they can say to a-rod, you know what, you're not actually going to suit up. but it seems as well that these other players, many of them big names, as well. lesser suspensions. we're probably looking at 50 games. we understand that major league baseball doesn't want this to affect really the season as much as possible. they want to get those sort of suspensions and get those players off the field, asap. when it comes to a-rod, isn't his suspension so long that maybe it doesn't matter as much? >> well, i think they like alex to agree to a suspension, as well. it is a lot cleaner that way.
6:37 am
the problem is, alex has not agreed to a deal and it doesn't look like he has any intention of doing so. looks like they're in for a fight, as of right now. >> last week there was reports that the commissioner's office was considering a lifetime ban against a-rod. could that still happen? is that a possibility? >> i have not gotten any indication that is going to happen. i heard at the very least it will run through the end of next season, but i think that will be a stretch. i think that will be tough to get upheld by an arbitrator. so, right now i don't think we're looking at quite an extension, a suspension to that extent. >> okay, so, on friday a-rod said something kind of cryptic following this game, this minor league game that he played in trenton. he suggested that basically the yankees' front office had good reason to want him off the field. he said he wouldn't say specifically, but he said some people will benefit. not the players, not the fans. i assume he means there are millions of reasons, right? >> i lost the volume.
6:38 am
>> oh, sorry. brian, can you hear me? oh, i think brian has lost his ifb. we will try to reconnect with him. i think he can't hear us. unfortunately, we're going to cut out of this. brian costa with "wall street journal." great insight while we had him. ashton kutcher playing steve jobs. get a sneak peek of the film, it's a cool one. you can hear from ashton himself, after this. i'm the next american success story. working for a company where over seventy-five percent of store management started as hourly associates. there's opportunity here. i can use walmart's education benefits to get a degree, maybe work in it, or be an engineer, helping walmart conserve energy. even
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>> this is freedom. this is freedom to create and to do and to build and as artists
6:42 am
and individuals. >> look, you're overreacting. even if you were developing this for freaks like us, and i doubt you are, nobody wants to buy a computer. nobody. >> how does somebody know what they want if they've never even seen it. >> that is ashton kutcher, weirdly looks like steve jobs who he is playing. the late apple co-founder's life and nischelle turner joining us now on this. nischelle, kutcher sat down with cnn and talked about the film and he has some big shoes to fill here. what did he say about that? >> by the way, i think he looks a lot like steve jobs. i think he had a likeness to him in this film. he was honest, he said he had big shoes to fill and it wasn't easy becoming steve jobs. he says that steve jobs is his hero and, by the way, not everyone was happy about this film. listen. >> i met with a lot of his
6:43 am
friends and a lot of his co-workers and a lot of people that he worked with. historically i met with this friend of his who lived with him during this period of time with him in his house. so, i met with a lot of people that he was around. a lot of people it was just too soon. and i think that, you know, if i put myself in their shoes, i completely understand why they didn't want to connect and some of them that i connected with subsquently and since we made the film and now they want to talk about steve and have a conversation. but i understand it. you have a sensitive attachment to someone who has just passed away and who is this guy i'm just going to have a conversation with him about my friend and tell him intimate details that maybe my friend didn't want coming out. things like this. but i think the one thing that we do with movie is that we
6:44 am
didn't uproot anything. if you did hard, diligent research on the internet you couldn't already find. i think we sort of stayed away from his family life in the film. because, it is sensitive. and we didn't really want to like go into that. >> so, what did he say about that, nischelle? you can see a lag time making a movie and it hitting the screen. maybe it doesn't feel as soon as it would for the folks that ashton kuchen contacted. what did he say about those people and how they felt? >> the script was actually being written before steve jobs ever passed away. so, there was already, you know, this kind of thing going on in the works. but he thought when he first heard about this movie that ashton said it was way too soon, as well. once he saw the script it was a movie that would be eventually made anyway and he wanted to be the one to do it. by the way, i have seen the film and one interesting about this
6:45 am
is, it doesn't paint steve jobs in this kind of, i don't know, larger -- well, it is larger than life, but this great light that he is perfect. i guess that's the word i'm looking for. doesn't paint him that way. it actually shows his flaws and shows the issues that he had with his co-workers and sometimes how he treated people within the company and some of the shrewd business moves that he had to make that definitely didn't sit well with a lot of people. interesting look at this man who everybody wanted to know what actually was going on inside of his head. >> even the book that he sanctioned that walter isaacson wrote was an honest look at steve jobs. be interesting to maybe think about what steve jobs would think about this movie. maybe he would be okay with it, you never know. >> and there's another project in the work that aaron sorkin is putting together. we'll have to see when it comes out how it compares to this one. josh gad who plays steve,
6:46 am
fantastic. >> all right, looking forward to that. looking forward to that, nischelle turner. a lot of projects in the works. still ahead, sending the homeless home from one state to another. how hawaii plans to do just that next in the "cnn newsroom." alert.
6:47 am
6:48 am
the beach on your tv is much closer than it appears. seize the summer with up to 50% off hotels at travelocity. generous benefits and super high housing costs. it's a combination that led to a very high rate of homelessness
6:49 am
in hawaii, but lawmakers there have come up with a plan they hope will reconnect some of the homeless with their fampalilies. casey wians explains. >> reporter: the second rate of homelessness after only washington, d.c. >> hawaii is a premier place to be if you're homeless. we have a robust public assistance program. >> reporter: after years of trying, hawaiian lawmakers have approved a controversial plan to provide plane tickets off the islands for some homeless from out of state. >> we're going to reduce homelessness in our state. second, we're going to send them back to their family, a strong support network system where they can get back on their feet. and, third, we're going to save our taxpayers a substantial amount of money. >> reporter: the $100,000 pilot program is voluntary and will only relocate people who have someone to help them back home. still, a spokeswoman for hawaii's department of human services tells cnn, "we remain concerned this program is an invitation to purchase a one-way ticket to hawaii with a
6:50 am
guaranteed return flight home." new york and san francisco both have been paying to relocate thousands of homeless people over the last several i think the idea is a good idea. people often become homeless because they get separated from their support networks, their family, their friends. >> mizuno has helped raise money, sometimes out of his own pocket for more than 20 homeless people to return home, including yugette baker. >> she didn't even know where she was or how she got here. >> when police contacted her mother, cheryl walter, she flew to hawaii and paid for her daughter's medication, but then she couldn't afford the air fare home. mizuno found a donor. >> mom got my ticket, said we're leaving and i thank god and all the people in hawaii. >> reporter: two years later, she's doing well taking medicine and taking computer classes.
6:51 am
supporters of hawaii's relocation program say it is no panacea. they say if they could relocate 100 of hawaii's more than 6,000 homeless people the first year, they'll consider the program a success. casey wians, cpn los angeles. >> up next in the "cnn newsroom," johnny football could be in big trouble. the reigning heisman trophy finer reportedly is under investigation by the ncaa.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
this could be the day that a-rod and the rest of the players involved in the biogenesis drug scandal learn their fate. andy shows is joining us with more in today's bleacher report. >> good morning. two sources tell cnn today is probably the day we finally learn what a-rod's suspension is going to be. according to reports, the slugger will avoid a lifetime ban and receive a 214-game suspension for violating the league's drug policy. this is a win for a-rod because if he is suspended only under the league's drug policy, he will get to continue playing while he appeals the ruling. the process could the last for more than a month. the yankees play in chicago tonight. manager joe gerardy says he's
6:55 am
going to pencil a-rod into the lineup. >> he's in there, i'm going to play him. that's the latest situation. as i said, you'll probably hear about everything before i will. >> coming up next hour, cnn's jason carroll sits down with three sports journalists to talk a-rod's impending punishment. looks like there's more trouble brewing for johnny football. according to espn, is he is being investigated by the ncaa for being paid to sign autographs. manziel reportedly signed hundreds of photos. if he accepted money or gifts, both he and the aggies could face punishment. he could be ruled ineligible for the entire 20138 season. it the football season officially kicked off last night, the nfl welcoming the newest members of their hall of fame, bill parcells, warren sapp. cowboys and dolphins taking part in the annual hall of fame game in ohio. many stars sitting this one out,
6:56 am
giving young guys plenty of time to make a good impression. devon ta hall taking an interception 75 yards for the touch down. cowboys win the preseason opener, 24-20. tiger woods is up to his old tricks at the bridgestone invitational, in complete control from start to the finish in this tournament. check out the 11th hole, showing off using the butt of his cutter to avoid the tall grass. tiger never challenged in the final round. is he wins the tournament by seven strokes, his eighth career win at bridgestone and on his way to finish off his scoring card, his son charlie right there special moment. picks him up. gives dad a big hug feminine tiger said after the tournament this is the first time his son was at a tournament that he won. >> it's fascinating because we don't often see the family side of him. >> his kids are rarely at the tournament and this is the first time he was there when he won to the tournament.
6:57 am
coming into the pga championship this weekend, tiger is the overwhelming favorite to win it all. >> little charlie hiding his head from the camera. can't say i blame him. >> he'll have to bring him around this week for good luck. andy, you for that. the next hour of "newsroom" begins right after this quick begins right after this quick break. -- captions by vitac --
6:58 am
6:59 am
happening now in the "newsroom," high alert. 19 american embassies and
7:00 am
consulates shut down. an unprecedented closure and threat from al qaeda. is an attack imminent? plus, speed ball. a-rod and word of a major 2314-game suspension. all eyes on the yankee slugger as he's set to play in tonight's game in chicago. will he take the field? and sex counseling. the mayor of san diego to enter his two-week intensive treatment following a slew of sexual harassment claims. is it too late for him? "newsroom" starts right now. good morning. i'm brianna keilar. the sports world is waiting on what could be the largest number of drug suspensions in baseball history. of course, at the top of the list is the alex rodriguez. today major league baseball is expected to suspend the yankees third baseman with some reports saying the suspension could last
7:01 am
until the 2015 season. cnn's rachel nickelles has been following the story for us from new york. this is a huge day today, we're expecting, rachel. >> here's the crazy thing in this circus that's been going on. alex rodriguez could be hit with a huge suspension today. there are some reports it's going to be more than 200 games. yet, you could still see him on the field for the new york yankees in chicago tonight. that is because he is expected to be able to be appeal that will suspension and still stay on the field. we know he's going to be allowed to appeal it no matter what. it's expected that he will be penalized under major league baseball's drug policy. last week, baseball had kind of leaked out they were leaking about punishing him under the commissioner's special discretion. that would have been meant that he would be off the field. he would have to sit and wait while he appealed it. it seems he's going to to be suspended under the regular drug policy.
7:02 am
it's a safer route. if they stick to the regular drug policy, there's less for an arbitrator to overturn on appeal and means that the u.s. court system doesn't get involved because a-rod's lawyer threatened to file an injunction if they tried to keep him off the field during the appeal. so this is the safer route but certainly going to be the crazier route because we are going to see alex rodriguez playing in the middle of this circus. >> who knew. so strange but it sounds like that's what we're going to see. rachel, thank you so much. suspension or not, a-rod says he plans to play tonight for the yankees against the white sox. cnn's jason carroll is in chicago. he's waiting to see if a-rod shows up, which we're expecting and jason, there's just so much drama surrounding this game. >> reporter: if he shows up, brianna, he's definitely planning to show up. that's what he said this weekend when he spoke to reporters out in trenton, new jersey. i was there. he was asked about a number of things, the allegations, the suspension. didn't want to talk about any of
7:03 am
that. he said his main focus is to get back with the yankees and back with his teammates today. >> excited to be playing tonight even more excited about monday. i feel i can't wait to see my teammates. i feel like i can help us win and be a better team, and i haven't seen a lot of my brothers in a long time. >> reporter: and as you can imagine, this has been the type of story that sports writers dream about, the type of story that basically writes its own headlines. one sports reporter that i spoke to called it a perfect soap opera, and when i got together a group of sports writers to talk about a number of topics, including that controversial comment that rodriguez made where he said that he basically felt as though he was being targeted because he's a high profile, highly paid player. listen to what they had to say. >> do you believe he is being targeted because of the amount
7:04 am
of money that he makes and because of that lucrative contract that he signed? is he a target? >> i don't think it's because of that. i think it's more because major league baseball feels that he kind of got one over on them before. >> so you believe that major league baseball is out to get him, rodriguez? >> i think that there's a little bit of a grudge because, you know, he has admitted it and yet, they haven't been able to do anything to him. >> and in some ways he would be an easy target. he's admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs in the past, he's not been playing particularly well by his own admission and making a lot of money. >> the money's a factor. he's owed nearly $100 million. you can't take that out of equation. >> what do you think? >> i think the reason they don't like him is because he's always been sort of a fly in the ointment. he's never been a particularly likable person. >> why is that? >> he's pompous. he's, you know, he's always -- often has thought of himself as
7:05 am
bigger than the game. >> do you believe he loved the game so much, he would be willing to do anything to play it? >> well, i mean, look, if you look at him in this current scandal when he did the performance enhancing drugs they're alleging, it was after he already had his big contract. is that will vanity? is there some integrity there? i don't know. >> reporter: what do you think? >> i think it's a combination, again, this is alleged if he did it or not. we don't know for certain. but if you go on the assumption that he did do it, i think there's some vanity and a performance level that he wants to achieve even though he already has the money. >> i don't doubt for a second that he loves and respects the game. i don't doubt that at all. you know, there's a lot of pressure on a guy. when you get that kind of contract, i think you do want to put up certain numbers and maybe you do buy into that a little bit where you need that extra help to do it. >> reporter: should he be allowed to play while he's.
7:06 am
>> that's a great question. there are two different legal avenues to take there. one is, yes, he can. one is, no, he can't. i mean, there's twos different routes that maybe baseball can take. >> reporter: what do you think? what would you like to see happen here? >> for my own shelfish purposes, i'd like to see him play. in terms of justice, i think either way could be justified. >> thoughts on that? >> i think he can fight away, as well. to be fair, he probably should be allowed to play because if it were to come back that he didn't do these things, then you've penalized him for nothing. >> reporter: and brianna, i've spoken to some of those in the rodriguez camp and to rodriguez himself. the impression that i really get is that he wants do whatever he can to get back in the game. he wants to prove the naysayers wrong, and wants to be able to prove that not only can he still play the game at his age but he also wants to problem that he deserves to be out there with
7:07 am
the rest of the yankees playing the game, as well. brianna? >> jason carroll, thank you. now, the obama administration is taking no chances. it is extending the shutdown of u.s. embassies and consulates across parts of africa and the middle over threats from al qaeda. 19 diplomatic posts will be closed all week. white house correspondent dan lothian following the latest in washington. hi there, dan. >> hello, brianna. you know, i was talking to a senior administration official who told me that the president continues to get briefed on the latest developments today. he had some briefings yesterday, as well. this follows a high level meeting by some of the president's national security team, including his national security advisor susan rice, secretary of state john kerry, also chuck hagel from the defense department talking about the latest information on this threat and what kind of actions officials need to take. this all follows the president early last week directing his
7:08 am
national security team to take these extraordinaire actions. the steps that as you pointed out have now resulted in some 19 diplomatic posts closed. now for a week. and all of this officials telling it us done really just out of an abundance of caution. >> now, it's interesting, dan, because there's a lot of the folks who normally are not people who are in the corner of president obama who are reacting to this and some people might be surprised what they're saying how the administration is handling this. >> reporter: that's right. we're hearing from a lot of lawmakers and some of them have gotten intelligence briefings who are talking about the credible nature of the threats, talking about how they are alarming. but you're right. we are hearing from some of the president's harshest critics who seem to be on the same page with the president when it comes to this. >> i appreciate what the administration is doing. they're taking the right approach to this. benghazi was a complete failure, the threats were real there. the reporting was real.
7:09 am
and we will basically dropped the ball. we've learned from benghazi, thank god, and the administration's doing this right. >> reporter: brianna, as you know, over the last several weeks, there's been in national conversation about nsa surveillance programs and, of course, edward snowden has been at the center of that. now with this latest threat, there's this other conversation as part of that, which is how much or if any this -- these programs played in uncovering these threats. that's something that's been debated but that's certainly now part of this national conversation about the nsa surveillance programs. >> lindsey graham saying that, as well. dan lothian for us at the white house. always great to see you. now checking our top stories, twos u.s. senators are due in cairo today. john mccain and lindsey graham are making the trip at president obama's request in an effort to break through the political impasse there. they're expected to meet with egypt's interim president addly
7:10 am
mansur. the country has been embroiled in chaos since mohamed morsi was toppled last month. >> the 38 years nathan campbell is locked up this morning charged with murder. this video is heart wrenching. that is him allegedly driving down could the crowded venice beach boardwalk saturday. the woman he allegedly killed a 3 -year-old from italy, her husband told police they were there on their honeymoon. a dozen more people were hurt. one critically. closing arguments are set to begin monday in the trifle james "whitey" bulger accuses of 19 murders is during his 20-year reign of terror in boston. each side has three hours to make its final case before the jury decides his fate. at 83, he could spend the rest of his life in prison. bulger says the trial has been a sham. a brutal school bus beating caught on tape. a 13-year-old boy attacked bill three 15-year-old boys back in
7:11 am
july. this is obviously video that's very difficult to watch. you get a sense of how brutal it was. the victim here left with a broken arm and the three boys who attacked him now charged. this many video went viral. now questions are being raised over why the bus driver did not jump in to do more. pamela brown is joining me live now from new york with more details on this. pamela, why didn't he jump in? >> reporter: there's a lot of questions surrounding this, but the school bus driver is saying he did all he could do. he followed school bus policy during this horrific attack. but as you mentioned, he did not physically tep step in to protect this victim and that has sparked mixed reaction. >> please, please, please, please. do not beat this boy to death. please. there's nothing i can do. >> school bus driver john moody looks on in horror, pleading with the dispatcher to send someone to stop the vicious attack. i need help in a hurry.
7:12 am
i got a fight. >> police say three 15-year-olds attacked the 13-year-old after he told school officials that one had tried to sell had him drugs. you can hear the 13-year-old's cries for help as he's mercilessly punched and stomped. police say the attackers is broke the victim's ample and stole his money. the three were arrested on aggravated battery charges. according to pinellas school policy, the drive is not required to intervene, only to call dispatch. he says he was too afraid to step in. >> the three boys just jumped on him and started pounding on him. i did all i can. i was looking. it was like i was in shock. i was petrified. >> the county leaves it up to the driver, but many counties actually for bid drivers from physically stopping fights. gulfport police say moody won't face charges but that the 64-year-old could have done more. >> there was clearly an
7:13 am
opportunity for him to intervene and or check on the welfare of the children in this -- or the child in this case. and he didn't make any effort to do so. >> reporter: while his attorney says that was not an option, is he's haunted by the attack wondering if he could have done more. >> i wanted to help him so bad. i wanted to help him. >> reporter: and asked why, moody will not nas charges, a florida state attorney said it wasn't like he was looking out the window while cleaning his finger nails. they downplayed the victim's injured after the attack saying is he skedaddled right out the door after the attack. the driver said this was his only problem in 18 years on the job. he retired two weeks after the incident. >> it's so the horrificing to watch this video because you're surprised almost that this boy walked away with only a broken arm and some bruises. you mentioned that some counties actually for bid drivers from physically breaking up a fight. is that the case here?
7:14 am
his lawyer said the bus driver didn't have options. did he? >> he followed policy. he had the choice in this case, brianna, to jump in physically. there was nothing forbidding him to do that in this particular school district but you know, he argues look, this could do more harm than good physically intervening. the reason why these other school districts don't allow that is for that reason in particular and also, you know, it could lead to lawsuits and all sorts of issues if the driver does jump in. so he does have a case to make. there is a reason why he wasn't -- why he's not facing charges. >> he's 64. i mean, if you're 64, you certainly aren't choosing to get into a bat with three 15-year-old boys. you can see how he wanted to do that or many people would. >> a no-win situation. >> thank you for that report. still to many could, the mayor of san diego is headed off to that controversial two-week behavioral therapy clinic in the midst of his sex harassment scandal. that story after the break.
7:15 am
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up to 40% off. only at vo:remember to changew that oil is the it on schedule toy car. keep your car healthy. show your car a little love with an oil change starting at $19.95. a look at your top stories. a sky diving instructor is dead
7:18 am
after his equipment malfunctioned. the 66-year-old instructor jumped out of a plane with a student on saturday but he had to cut the parachute away and use a backup in mid-air. he was found dead about a mile from where he was supposed to land. the student is hospitalized in critical condition. the ex-cop convicted of murdering his wife will be sentences today. brent see cac was found guilty of killing his wife. his wife was reportedly seeking a divorce at the time of her death. bob filner is headed to the controversial two-week behavioral clinic in the midst of a sexual harassment scandal. over the weekend, another woman, the tenth woman accused the embattled mayor of making unwanted sexual advances. is the crude allegations range from unwanted touching to sexual advances and the chorus calling for filner to quit is growing as you can imagine. he refuses to step down though or ennen appoint an interim hair
7:19 am
in his absence. casey wian joining me live for more on this. hi, casey. >> good morning this is one of the more bizarre stints in rehab we've heard about. usually you think about somebody going into behavioral therapy or rehab stay and think they'll be completely removed from society basically and concentrate on their therapy. filner is going to be briefed twice a day, with uns in the morning, once in the evening on city activities. he's going to retain his powers as mayor during this two-week rehab assignment at an undisclosed location. while he is away, is he going to be required to give testimony in a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by his former spokeswoman. that was the first woman to come out and publicly accuse him of this bizarre behavior. and also, this evident to get him out of office, the recall effort. twa actually two of them were going on at the same time competing recall efforts. over the weekend, those two have
7:20 am
now joined forces and say they're now working together to get him out of office. but for right now, filner is showing no signs of beingtology step down. >> i think that's why a lot of people are sort of wondering, is he really trying to work on himself or is he just buying time here? he's not appointing an interim mayor as you mentioned. how is all of this impacting the city of san diego? >> according to people in san diego, it is having a very real impact. while he is at rehab, he has delegated many of his responsibilities to underlings so he's not going to be running the city on an hour by hour basis. also, the former mayor of the city of san diego who now runs the economic development department there, we have to point out he's a republican, filner is a democrat, but he says the city is losing some business, companies that may be thinking about expanding there are shying away interest san diego because of this mess in the city government, brianna.
7:21 am
>> that is such a shame. it is a beautiful city, and certainly this -- it's almost gross to watch how this is affecting them in a negative way. case i, thanks for your report. still to come, record rains have left some parts of the country flooded over the weekend. it isn't over yet. we're going to have a look ahead at the forecast right after the break.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
from the high plays to the stormy south, we've got severe weather making its way across many parts of the country. in colorado you had damaging hail, hitting the rocky mountain state over the weekend. floating there on floodwaters. amazing pictures. this is wichita, kansas, where the streets look like rivers as heavy rains is soaked the region leaving cars stranded, forcing some residents to evacuate. so where do we go from here? indran peterson is live for us from new york. any relief? >> that is unbelievable video.
7:25 am
i wish i could say there was relief. this was yesterday morning in six hours, almost 7 inches of rain. you're talking about thunderstorm after thunderstorm. that's what they're dealing with. today in the forecast again, more thunderstorms in the forecast. they're going to add rain to this. all throughout the week till the upcoming weekend a threat of thunderstorms each day. so the flood risk is going to be extremely high. we say it all of the time. 6 inches of water is all it takes to take you off your feet. two feet of water takes a huge suv away. please do not drive through floodwaters. is other thing we're talking about today is the severe risk. the threat potential going anywhere from montana down through kansas and now expended even in through iowa. we'll watch for that threat of isolated tornadoes definitely out there. more likely just damaging winds and large hail in the forecast in that region. into the south, rain has been the story. every day it almost seems like we're talking about rain in the southeast. still the picture again today, another several inches of rain
7:26 am
possible. this is the warm humid air, the thunderstorm potential remains high. where it is actually beautiful is here in the northeast. sorry i'm smiling about this but you know it's so hot for us a couple weeks ago, temperatures down into the 70s well below normal. by the second half of the week, chances for rain entering the northeast, as well. in case you're wondering, we have the august outlook. the trend below normal"s in the northeast staying with us. above normal temperatures all the way to the west especially in texas where the drought poe essential is high and they cannot seem to get relief. they need some of the rain we just showed is you out in kansas. >> 0 degrees in washington while i'm away, of course. what a bummer. always the way it goes. indra, thank you. it is safe to say, madonna started it. ♪ >> and it is safe to say that
7:27 am
lady gaga followed suit, but now the two of them are in hot water with russian officials. we'll tell you why. [ male announcer ] come to the lexus golden opportunity sales event and choose from one of five lexus hybrids that's right for you, including the lexus es and ct hybrids. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection.
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"newsroom," the threat against u.s. embassies overseas is very real. so much so, the unprecedented emergency closures have now been extended. plus, this. >> this is my house, russia. you can be gay in my house. >> lady gaga and madonna both facing heat in russia for their support of gay rights. and flying the friendly skies got a little bit easier. jetblue's new plan and what it means for you. "newsroom" starts right now.
7:31 am
good morning. i'm brianna keilar in for carol costello. could gay athletes be arrested at the 20149 winter olympics? a controversial new anti-gay law in russia hosting games allows police to arrest foreigners they suspect as being pro gay and outlaws homosexual propaganda as pornography. the international olympic committee says it has assurances russia won't apply the law during the games, but not every athlete is so sure. hudson taylor is the founder and executive director of athlete ally. it's a non-profit group focused on ending hoo phobia in sports. so hudson, first off, what do laws like this mean for you and your organization? it's everything you worked to fight against. >> yeah. you know, i founded athlete ally to make sports safe and accessible for everybody. when we have an athletic competition as high profile and important as the winter
7:32 am
olympics, being hosted in a country that is violating human rights every single day, it is in direct opposition to everything we're fighting for. so it's really important that we focus on how these -- how lgbt athletes, how lgbt affirming fans are going to be treated at the games. we want to make sports safe and accessible for everyone. right now it's not certain that sochi will be a place where that's the ca is. >> so you work with a number of gay and straight athletes. how are they responding to this? >> there's a lot of mixed approaches. i mean, i think there's still a lot of advocates that are unsure as to what the proper approach is and what's the outcome that we wish to achieve. while the athletes that we work with, there's two things we're fighting for. the first is to insure that lgbt athletes, fans and affirming participants are able to be free from persecution at the games.
7:33 am
the second is to strategize how we can use the olympics to meaningfully improve the situation for the lgbt russian community. you know, many of the athletes that we work withing are ready, willing and able to speak out about sochi. but there's still some uncertainty as to how these laws are going to affect any stance we take. >> take a look at this. this weekend i spoke to johnny weir. he is openly gay and married to a russian american. i talked to him about his fears of breaking the propaganda law, and he's here's what he said. >> my sheer presence is already propaganda. first of all, i'm a figure skater. we wear crazy elaborate costume ans. and i'm married to a russian american man. i'm a figure skater. i'm very well-known in russia. just my sheer presence is i an big statement going against this anti-propaganda law. >> so hudson, it's interesting
7:34 am
because he was saying, look, i'm showing up, and i am, you know, i am obviously who i am and that is going to be enough to make a statement. he's saying that. i'm just showing up. some other advocates have said, yeah, show up and making this -- i read one article that will said "the gayest olympics ever." take a stand. some people may say go, get arrested, bring awareness to this. some folks who sayish should be boycotted. what is the right or most effective approach here? >> i think boycotts always end up hurting the people. we don't intend to affect. it hurts the athletes who have been training and working their whole life to accomplish, to win an olympic medal. so boycotts i don't think are the right approach. instead, i think, you know, we have an opportunity to show the world that gay rights are in fact, human rights and that the lgbt community deserves the same dignity and respect as their
7:35 am
heterosex is counterparts. we can only do that by organizing and mobilizing people to spec out, not sit out at sochi. that's athlete ali's game plan and what other advocates are thinking long and hard about, how we can use sochi as a vehicle for inclusion and respect of the lgbt community and hopefully, it will make sports safe and inclusive for everybody for many, many years to come. >> it's certainly going to be a story line playing out during this olympics we haven't seen before. and we're interested to see how it all turns out. athlete ally's hudson taylor. >> two superstars vocal support for gay rights in russia may have landed them in a bit of trouble. lady ga go and madonna are facing possible punishment after officials say they had concerts without the right work visas, something that may have more to do with their political stance. matthew chance joining me live from moscow. what's the link here?
7:36 am
>> reporter: well, the link, brianna, is that both madonna and lady gaga are being investigated now by russian prosecutors for visa violations and both of those artists have appeared in russia over the course of the past 12 months or so making very pro gay rights statements whilst on stage. there's no link being drawn by the authorities to this investigation into their visa problems and their remarks but the fact is, the problem with the visas only came to light after a an complaint was made by the russian lawmaker hog sort of authored the very controversial gay propaganda anti-gay propaganda laws in the country. so it's raised a suspicion that these two megastars are really being investigated because of their gay stance. ♪ baby i was born this way >> even if you're one of the world's biggest superstars speaking out on gay rights in russia is risky.
7:37 am
as lady gaga is finding out. >> don't be a drag, just be a queen. >> tonight, this is my house, russia. tuck be gay in my house. >> now, russia officials say the pop star sustained her concert without proper work visas. it's not officially linked to her remarks but the complaint was founded by vitale milonov, is the lawmaker behind the anti-gay laws. madonna is accused of spreading what russia calls gay propaganda after she spoke out in her concert in st. petersburg last year. >> i am here to say that the gay community and gay people here and all around the world have the same rights. >> reporter: but in russia, an activists say gay rights are under increasing pressure, along with anyone who dares to support them. >> brianna, if they are
7:38 am
prosecuted, they could face steep fines, even a ban on entering the country in the future. back to you. >> and all of that will just bring more and more sort of notoriety to the what they're doing. matthew chance, thank you for that from moscow. coming up in on the "newsroom," i should say, a first for jetblue. the discount carrier justen veiled no brand premium seats. when can you get them and why the change from coach only? we have details ahead. ♪ there's a new way to fight litter box odor. introducing tidy cats with glade tough odor solutions. two trusted names, one amazing product.
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the airline jetblue unveiled a first today, brand new premium seats, and this is a big deal because, well, the airlines only offered coach seats since they started flying back in 2000. and alison kosik is live in new york with the story. it kind of goes against what we know them for. >> it really does.
7:42 am
it is a huge shift for jetblue in strategy.
7:43 am
disappointing earnings, it said it was getting hit with higher costs. this could be an answer to bring in more revenue. they're going all-in on those premium seats. before i let you go, give us a quick look at the markets. >> the bulls are taking a bit of a breather after the dow and s&p reached fresh record highs on friday. facebook shares trading above $39. it's highest level for the first time ever since it went public last summer at $3 a share. it's had this long climb back. it gave a really good earnings report and you're seeing investors continue to buy into facebook. brianna. >> alison is, thank you so much. still ahead, she is back at work after undergoing a double mastectomy for breast cancer. >> hey. >> i'm so happy to be back. thank you so much. >> i'm happy to have you back. >> we are so happy to have her
7:44 am
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7:47 am
it's so nice to be. >> you bet. >> i'm the other guy. >> john berman. early start" anchor zorrye dal sam blin returned to work for the first time in months. she was probably diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy under the care of doctors in chicago and just take a look at what she came back to today. dozens of balloons. a message in her office window reading we heart z. a warm welcome indeed. as she points out, there was something harder than the treatment itself. zoraida? >> good morning, brianna. as you know, i was diagnosed with breast cancer back if april. and i had a double mastectomy. today is my first day back on the job after being out for eight weeks, and i'm doing great. my prognosis is wonderful. but as i'm reflecting on then journey and actually now having gone through the procedure and through the recovery, one of the most difficult times i would say in this whole journey has been
7:48 am
having to tell my children, especially my son nico, that i have cancer. >> the first thought i had when i was diagnosed with cancer was this. how well i tell my kids? i have two. nico is 14 and sophia is 10. >> what do you remember about how i told you? >> you asked me what i thought of when i thought of breast cancer. and if i thought -- >> you said i think of a fight. >> once he knew, my son became one of the 2.85 coping with cancer. they urge kids to seek strength from each other. >> children and adults have very different life experiences. so part of the goal of educating kids about what cancer is is helping alleviate any of that
7:49 am
anxiety or fear when they hear that word. >> reporter: nico reaped out to his friends, kyle and miles to find strength. what kind of advice were you giving him? >> stay strong. know that everything is going to be okay. look to god and reach out to me if he needed any support. >> if you ever need anything, i'm there for you. and yeah, just stay strong. >> nico worried my fiancee kenny would walk away. >> what was tough for me to think about, what is kenny's reaction to know that he stuck by your side through the entire situation. >> that is a good man, right? you are two of the strongest men i know. i need their strength. nico's was the last familiar face i saw before surgery and the first when i came out. i was used to caring for my kids, not the other way around. >> zoraida is a rock, is a
7:50 am
matriarch of this family, and to think that you may lose her, that's a very debilitating thought at times. >> now you know it's over. >> cancer has caused a role reversal. even as he's there for me, i can't always be there for him. i missed his graduation. >> she wanted to be here, but she couldn't. even though i didn't really want her flying after the operation. so -- but it's still good. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> but i am getting better and it helps that we're in this fight together. >> it was great to see the loving support that nico had from his buddies but humbling to have your 14-year-old son take care of you. i think that as i reflect on this and then journey for both of us, that i learned that part of his healing and his coping was to be able to take care of me.
7:51 am
brianna. >> zoraida sam bow lynn, thank you so much. we'll be right back. [ male ann] these days, a small business can save by sharing. like carpools... polly wants to know if we can pick her up. yeah, we can make room. yeah. [ male announcer ] space. yes, we're loving this communal seating. it's great. [ male announcer ] the best thing to share? a data plan. at&t mobile share for business. one bucket of data for everyone on the plan, unlimited talk and text on smart phones. now, everyone's in the spirit of sharing. hey, can i borrow your boat this weekend? no. [ male announcer ] share more. save more. at&t mobile share for business. ♪
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stories, hundreds of criminals on the loose after a rash of prison breaks, now interpol wants to know if they're linked. the global police organization issued an alert asking member nations for help in getting to the bottom of it. al qaeda is suspected of being involved. an armed 14-year-old boy shot dead by new york police and the nypd says this happened after two uniformed officers heard gunshots. a surveillance camera captured the teen running down the street with a gun chasing another man.
7:54 am
police order him to drop his weapon but they say he didn't comply. the teen was pronounced dead at the scene. and a sigh of relief for commuters in san francisco. a transit strike has been averted there, at least for now. governor jerry brown stepped in late last night just before the strike was to go into effect at 12:01 today and he ordered trains keep rolling for another week as contract negotiations continue. continue. we are back after a quick break. -- captions by vitac -- d distribution systems," "and one of the most efficient trucking networks," "with safe, experienced drivers." "we work directly with manufacturers," "eliminating costly markups," "and buy directly from local farmers in every region of the country." "when you see our low prices, remember the wheels turning behind the scenes, delivering for millions of americans, everyday. "dedication: that's the real walmart" and experience the connectivity of the available lexus enform,
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it was a snapshot that the burst out over the airwaves in a matter of hours. believe it or not, money ears behind the president. >> photobombing the president. >> we can't remember another case of someone flashing bunny ears over the president of the united states. >> apparently holding the title of commander in chief does not make you immune from a good old fashioned dpoit bomb. >> nope. nope, it just doesn't anymore i guess. jeanne moos takes a look at the photo bomb seen round the world. >> he may be the leader of the free world but basketball players felt free to give the president bunny ears. seriously? bunny ears? behind the president's back? >> photobombing the president. okay, president obama. >> who would do that? >> i know. kids today. >> the kids in this case where is two members of the university of connecticut huskies.
7:58 am
the white house was honoring the women for being ncaa champs. now usually it's the president making jokes. >> my bracketology needs some work. uh-huh. >> oh, snap. suddenly, the laugh's on him. the two perpetrators were identified as stephanie dole son and kia stokes. stephanie even tweeted out the photo casually giving the president bunny ears. what they weren't giving the university said, was interviews. >> you let us know. tweet us. >> cnn's crack investigative team, you're looking at it, has determined the true culprit, the person who instigated this affront to presidential dignity. recognize the guy? listen to him incite the team as they pose. >> we all saying cheese? no rabbit ears behind me. >> you can't young people within
7:59 am
ear shot to resist that bait in less than ten seconds, the rabbit ears went up. anyway, president obama can't really complain. after all, when it comes to rabbit ears he's not entirely innocent. look what the white house did to beau, the first dog, just to say happy easter. and after a get get-together of the five living presidents, someone photo shopped president obama into giving president bush bunny ears. after the basketball team photo op, the president ended up shaking the hands that had just rabbit eared him. but try this with tough guys like russia's president putin or korea's kim jong-un and you'll end up with a rabbit ear ache. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> oh, the ireverantence. "newsroom" continues right now. a brutal beating caught on video. three 15-year-old boys gang up on a 13-year-old on a school bus. you can hear him screaming for help as the driver shouts at them to stop.
8:00 am
>> stop. >> stop! >> leave that boy alone! >> but the driver did not step in, and it's raising a ton of questions. pamela brown has more. >> get somebody help, quick, quick, quick, quick. they're about to beat this boy to death. please get help quick. there's nothing i can do. >> the driver john moody looks on in horror, pleading with the dispatcher to send is someone to stop the vicious attack. >> i've got a fight. i need help in a hurry. i got a fight. >> reporter: police say three 15-year-olds attacks the 13-year-old after he told school officials that one had tried to sell him drugs. >> stop! stop! >> reporter: you can hear the 13-year-old's cries for help as he's mercilessly punched and stomped. police say the attackers broke the victim's arm and stole his money. the three boys were